Alabama Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund (GERF)

The Alabama Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund (GERF) is a “fund of last resort” for unmet needs of families and individuals working to recover from disasters in our state. There is a specific process for application through local Long Term Recovery Committees (LTRCs). LTRCs are set up in counties/regions to locate recovery resources, assess and confirm needs, and grant funding for rebuild and recovery. LTRCs request funding from a variety of sources, including Community Foundations and GERF. The GERF has provided funding for Hurricane Katrina, April 2011 and a various disaster recovery efforts in our state. Serve Alabama is administrator for the GERF with The United Ways of Alabama serving as fiscal partner.

To donate to the Alabama Governor’s Relief Fund via credit card or mail donations to:

Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund
PO Box 1523
Montgomery, AL 36102



For Long Term Recovery Committees to request GERF Funding

GERF Policy and Forms:

GERF Policies and Procedures FINAL – Updated 3.2017

A – Request for Funding 2016
A1 – LTRC List
A2 – Request for Funding Budget Proposal
A3 – Request for Funding Review and Checklist
C – Application and Distribution Record
D – Service and Expenditure Summary Report 2016
E – Cumulative Distribution Record
F – Exception Request

Community Emergency Shelter Application